What a difference a walk makes!

I was feeling sort of blah and tired...even with all the sunshine pouring out of the skies. I realized I didn't take my usual walk w/the doggies and kids, so we went for a nice 15 minute one. Next thing I know, I feel SO MUCH BETTER. It was just the medicine I needed.

All day long I've been having this weird eye twitch. Jon said if you have a slight infection (like my ear) this could be why. So, I'll take it as that as I was starting to worry that I was stressing out or it was a symptom of something worse. Silly me.

I was feeling a bit down as I had a big box of art work that I had finished up and wanted to display. Tait Farm was kind enough to take 4 pieces and I was nervous about where to show next. Art4 Gallery in Hollidaysburg took the rest of the entire box! I am thrilled and now, I need to make more stuff! Hopefully, sales will follow and I can really be pleased with things moving along.

I'm also looking for some places to find part-time work in the evening. This will help to cover the basics and I can start to save up for upcoming art shows (as in renting a space for next year).

I'm also thinking of subbing again. I'd request only Monday's or Fridays as I think this would be all right for childcare (this is the big dilemma with working full time or during the day...who's going to do the child care/pickup stuff?). That's why I've been very reluctant to do outside work. The cost of good childcare usually out weights the paycheck one gets. Hence, I'm better off at home, money wise. However, if things move the way I hope, next year might be very different (in a good way). :) This probably wouldn't be such a problem if Jon worked closer, but there is no change in that department. Oh, well...

Geesh, I cannot tell you how much better I feel after that walk...just so funny, how this can make a difference. :) Wish I could funnel in some of the sunlight into my basement studio!


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