insect fair in state college and then some

We had a really great time with the kids today. My second kid, N, brought her pal along and we shared the fun. It was a lot movement and people mashed in there with lots of bug...but you have to be the kind of person that is all right with kids and bugs to be there in the first place. So, most people were like, "this is cool!" I know I was. I think I really had a hard time leaving the tadpoles...they were really cute. And N's friend was like I'll hold anything! She held the hissing roach, looked at all the bugs. More so then my gals! It was pretty amazing to see the displays of the preserved insects...some seemed like art works.

Earlier in the day, my eldest, L, went off to practice basketball. I hope she enjoys it (actually, I already know she does). It was a good day.

Only thing, we didn't make it to the art gallery (we were going to show some new art) and so, we had to make it for next Saturday. :( But that does give me time to finish some more work to show. Considering, I just got over being sick, have had a flood in the basement and various setbacks when it comes to finding art time, it's a nice chance to get my self organized. :) phew!

Now, I just need to make some food for tomorrow's after church meal, finish up a present for my mom-in-law and get the dogs ready for the Blessing of the animals. Tomorrow is a bit busy, I guess! lol It's all good.


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It's Wicked Good Fun ~ Virtually Eat, Drink & Be Scary!
Lyndy & Merlin (my new adopted fur baby) He's picking the winners, come see his PIC...

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Kim Hambric said…
Hi Emily,

I tried to resend a reply to your email to me a week or so ago, but it bounced back. Not sure if you got my reply or not. If you are still interested, I would love to be a part of your blog for the Altoona newspaper.

Hope things are going well for you - loved seeing the family photos here.

We went to the bug fair also. I've never been before, but my husband and daughter go every year. She let everything crawl on her and tried to pass the hissing cockroach on to me. I refused and kind of felt my lunch stirring in my stomach!

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