Foggy Day

It is really foggy out there today...even with the sun brightening the clouds, it was gray and other worldly as I drove the kids to the bus stop. I remember the weather people saying something about fog with the warmer temps, they were right. This really makes our street look like Fall...damp yellow and brown leaves, fog rolling around and just the right earthy smell of this time of year. Sometimes, it makes you feel like time is an illusion and you've stepped back a hundred years. I guess that's the fog blotting out all the telephone lines and making everyone drive slower (making things have a sense of quiet about them).

Once it warms up, we might go for a walk. I have a lot to do (mainly, get some treats for the kids classes), tend to the little Mr., finish up more art projects, chores and set up an appointment to have Odie's beak trimmed (again). I have to go and get more wood, as well. I've found that the harder woods are much better for small carvings. I ended up painting the last batch instead of carving. I enjoyed this tremendously as I've been using acrylic paints (instead of watercolor). For me, it's a lot of fun to add layer over layer without worrying about color seeping into on. Yes, it's a bit boring when it comes to "accidental" mistakes, but it's different and after having given acrylic a break, it's fun to rediscover it again.

I'm still doing watercolor...just really loving the wood paintings/carvings. Plus, I can make something in a 3 dimensional feel rather than, flat surface. My ornaments (or ornies)are really cute. I need to submit 3 to an on-line magazine. I'm going to add them to my portfolio as well. It's all good! :)

Also, the last batch I made (something like 12) were accepted to the local art gallery, Art 4. This always makes my day! :)

I'm planning to make handmade individual Christmas cards. I have to find the perfect envelops to go with the cards. I don't want to make those by hand too...though, I have some ideas that might be really cute/interesting. Well, I've got to get off of here and do something productive (like painting, child care and chores).

Have a great day!


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