emotional week of up's and down's

It's amazing when you feel like things are going well and suddenly, everyone starts getting sick. First, it was me and my allergies/migraine headache. That brought me down for 2 days and made it very hard to get through 3 days of the week. By Friday evening, I finally felt some mental relief. Today was the first day I didn't wake up with a pounding headache, thank God.

All this time, my second kid feeling bad and I think it's the common cold. Slight fever but by the time it's time to go to school, she feels fine. She was grumpy all week and I was like, what's with the tears?? By Friday evening, she's crying again (can't find her backpack)...that's when I see this sort of purple spots on her face. I'm like, "oh, my God! You've cried so much you've broken blood vessels on your face!" And start putting a damp rag on her checks. Then, I see she's got spots/rash all over her face, ears...and on the chest and back. Poor baby!!

I call everyone like mad and everyone is out or getting back or needs to have a message left. My poor mom-in-law is having a bad time with her heart meds and I'm like, where is everyone?

So, Jon finally gets home and we're waiting to get a response from the doctor. All sorts of things are going through my head...chickenpox, measles. My mom-in-law (the retired RN suggests rosela) and when the doctor hears the symptoms, she's like strep rash. It's not as bad as I thought...though it is scarlet fever from a different time. Obviously, we aren't as ill as that problem due to better health conditions/immunizations.

Now, my eldest is starting to cough and be grumpy. I'm just glad that I'm feeling better to help everyone...it seems like the whole house falls apart whenever I get sick. Crazy.

I feel a cleaning binge about to start...it's partially the coffee and feeling better. I'll take it easy (mom).

The sad thing is we are missing on a playdate, the Pumpkin Festival in Hollidaysburg, a basketball practice, the choir (missed that last night) and a party tomorrow evening. I hope we make it to church for the blessing from the Bishop as I'm getting confirmed. Sigh...


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