Early weekend.

This is the day before we had a huge storm (and it flooded my basement). I guess we're not in the right latitude for that old saying, "RED SKY IN MORNING, SAILORS WARNING; RED SKY AT NIGHT, SAILORS DELIGHT." It's still fun to think about, however.

We're always on the go, over here!

(please don't mind the slightly skewed photo...if I look too long at Penny, she run's up to me. Hence, the hasty pic)

The gals have tomorrow off and we're just going to kick back. Nothing planned and most likely just hang out, do some art and go for walks. Maybe make some baked goods if it's chilly and enjoy a quiet day. :)

I made some cute primitive style flowers for my front door. I need to photograph them, they came out really cute.

Here's some stuff I did with yo-yo's.

I made several gifts in a heart shape.

At the Great Insect Fair in State College:

I was going to download the hissing cockroach but for some reason it wouldn't. So, you're safe!


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