well, Hello!

It's been a few days since I dropped by; I've been too busy. Seems like the first thing we always get once we start the school year are colds. So, I just got over the one that little Mr. H had and now the gals are all red and nose drippy. Sigh.

I still feel tired and out of sorts from running around cleaning up stuff. I feel a bit over extended. Plus, I did manage to finish my art piece and submit it. I'm glad I tried. And that is what matters.

The weather is nice right now. But it's been colder and we finally did have some rain, which is nice. I feel sort of like I want to go to bed early today. I actually did baking, called my friend, did cleaning and thought of doing some art work. I didn't get a chance as I think I was energized by the sunshine. It was just such a gorgeous day.

Unfortuantely, Mr. H fell down twice and has 2 bumps on his head. He's so good about it and seemed to feel better with the bag of frozen veggies I stuck on his head. Geesh, I feel like a failure sometimes.

The funny thing about doing this art contest is I feel like I jump started my creativity and really want to get things made/experiment. Isn't that funny how forcing yourself to do something new has a positive chain reaction. Sort of like cleaning a room out and next thing you know, you're painting and giving the space a whole new look. Great feeling.

A funny thing about today. Jon comes home and has a $2 clock he got at a salvage shop. It's looks very utilitarian...old school type clock. I was like, oh, my. Oddly, it was the clock that calmed an ensuing fight of computer time between my kiddos. Jon stuck it on the wall, showed them 5 minutes and they calmed down (they get 5 minute turns). So, it was a good purchase and I will learn to love the school clock. I can decorate around it. :)


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