Warm days and sniffles

The first week of school has been great, so far. I slightly missed the school bus today but fortunately, a mom flagged it down as we zoomed after it. Talk about an adventure! lol I didn't see it parked further down the street and it took off, when I was waiting (I wasn't late, oddly. Exactly on time, actually). Still, it was annoying but we caught it in downtown Altoona. That was interesting, to say the least...hahaha.

Anyway, we got home, walked the dogs and I hope I burned off some energy. I certainly was warm enough. Last night, Jon and I went on a date night. It was sort of funny as we intended to go on the trail with our bikes and all sorts of bike issues broke free. I guess storing your bikes for 7 yrs in the garage will do that. At least we know what to do to get them working.

Then we went to Lowes and I got some wood and a really pretty basket on sale. I'd like to get some more for the kids toys. I usually use those giant cereal boxes from Sam's or old popcorn tins. I'd like something bigger and not so easy to break/dent. Actually, I'd like to get 2 wood trunks but will have to search for those.

After a morning like that, I think we should just relax, pray a little and hope things will be calm. I think I'm getting my Mr. H's cold, unfortunately. So, resting sounds very good right now. Have a great day!


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