Thought I was over a cold...

Looks like I have another cold. What the heck??? I felt really lousy today and sluggish. Surprisingly, I did everything I normally do and wasn't too freaked out. I even went for a walk. I did, however, take a nap when Mr. H fell asleep. That was a really good move. I felt much better but still have a runny nose and swollen sinus's.

There's a White Elephant Sale I want to take part in on Saturday but I don't know how I'm going to feel up to this. I'm sort of feeling blah and my energy level is sort of hovering between wanting to nap and being functional. We shall see.

Since I entered an art contest, I've had a nice wave of ideas floating in my head. Actually, I've got a lot of ideas/ things I want to make. However, it's nice to get excited about something you love, again. Funny how this suddenly awakens some part of you that has been hibernating. For me, it must mean I'm feeling much better and getting my self organized. It's all good.

The other thing I've been trying to do is cover all the couches with slip covers. I made a really cute one for the small chair for Mr. H and of course, the dogs like it more. Sigh. Now, I'm going to make one for the pink chair. I'm using fabric from this ill fitting cover I made for the smaller couch. The arms on both couches are worn and spongy stuff is coming out. I patched that up and need to cover both now.

We brought the futon down and have that in the living room too. If we have guests, they can crash there...hopefully, this will be comfortable. Mr. H needed his own room and the gals have more space too. So much to do and I don't think I'll finish by the first cold snap (makes painting inside hard...can't open windows, etc). So, I'm bummed by that. If I can get the dining room floor painted, I'll be happy. Honestly, that is all that would make my dining room look better.

Well, I've got a headache. I baked pretzels with the kids and the smell is so good. So, at least I have that to my benefit. Have a great week!


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