Slightly sprained my finger

This is from the dogs jerking on the leash. For little dogs, they are SO strong and really can pull if you're not careful. When I first got Mr. Nelson, he actually ripped my shoulder muscle and I had to go to therapy for 3 months. That was awful.

I kept wondering why my pinkie finger was hurting and then I realized it's the dogs pulling on the leash so hard. They even hit Mr. H.'s head (gave him a red mark across the face) when he was in the stroller! I was really upset by that. I need to figure out what to's so irritating and makes me afraid.

In the meantime, I'm fretting about this upcoming contest that I want to enter. I just hope I can make something I feel good about. I want to win, of course. But I want to do my best too. So, we shall see. Wish me luck!!

Deep breath...

It seems like the next 2 weeks are a little bit congested. They will be better soon, and honestly, it's really not that bad. I guess I just feel sort of anxious and once everything has calmed down, I'll feel a million times better.

Okay! I feel better now. I've started some new work and it's a bit different than what I usually do. Once it gets completed, I'll take picks. I have about 7 new wood carving sculptures that need to be varnished and then set up. These may be going to a local gift shop, The Harvest Shop. They have a foodie theme. :)


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