Or time to organize and start fresh. This is what I'm trying to do lately. I feel like things are finally not spinning around in a haze and I can start focusing on a plan for short/long term goals. Big, huge, gigantic breath right now...phew! lol :) It's a good thing...sometimes, you have to start fresh and now that I have some tools to help guide me for these plans, I know they will work out. Some of these plans are closer to finishing (such as my long awaited (for me) graphic novel) and other's are a matter of finding out what I can do to get some schooling finished up. Realistically, all are good and just a matter of planning to resolve.

Having this bad cold didn't help and really made me feel out of sort. It's nearly over, hopefully, and I can ready our little ship for the next battle of bugs to come our way. I really like that idea of families as their own little ships that protect each other and have a captain, etc. Just reminds me of Mary Poppins (one house has a tough captain who's house literally looks like a ship).

Today is such a gorgeous day with the sun shining and the blue sky. Hopefully, this is what most people have to experience. Tomorrow, Jon is bringing some of my wood carvings to be viewed at a shop. Wish me luck that they like, I just has a brain blast for a new idea of wood carvings! Woo hoo! I'm off to sketch!


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