Chores galore

I did a lot today...the most was lifting the full size mattress to get at the deposits made by an elderly cat. Not fun and I think I pulled a back muscle. Not fun and it hurts. The good thing is the bedroom smells really good and I hope it lasts for a bit. Why do cats do this once they get to a certain age?? It's really annoying and stinky.

I didn't want to do any cleaning but where you're stuck in the house with pouring down rain, you just have to do that, I guess. I even took a nap because I've still got this stupid cold hanging on. This helped and I even felt better once I got up. I did some mini exercises and that helped to wake me up too. For some reason, everything has a woodsy smoke smell (my nose if off, I think).

After cleaning up everything, I fiddled around with my website,, and gave it a fresh look. I was using a wordpress html and it wasn't working right with blogger. So, I found a better template and all is well. :) I really like it and will have a page with art for sale on there (as well as here).

I feel good about doing this as it's been on my mind. Lately, I've been reading a lot of inspirational quotes. It really helps me not feel down/depressed about various things in life. I read a good one about having inspirations every day as it's akin to having a shower. In other words, you need to have one to feel fresh.

The one that really appealed to me is “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
Theodore Roosevelt

It really motivated me to get active and not feel overwhelmed with life. I guess I just need a little push to get me going and keep me focused.

Tomorrow is Friday and it feels like we are in for a full weekend. Might be going to an insect show in State College among other stuff. I just feel tired all of the sudden thinking about it all. I still can't wrap my brain around it being the end of September. What was that book by Dr. Seus...On the first of Octember...wouldn't that be fun to get what you wanted in truckloads. lol


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