busy bee

That's what I'm feeling like...did a bunch of yard work (long over due as in piles created before my surgery and then left to compost, for some reason). I cleared up 3/4th of it. Now, I feel a bit tired.

Went for a morning walk with my little gang (dogs and kid). We didn't take a stroller and about a quarter way back, Mr. H, wanted to be held. It was cute because he's usually very "I can do that my self, thank you." Next time, I just bring the stroller and have him push it like he usually does.

I think I pulled a neck muscle bagging branches...not a problem. I want to do some artwork but feel sort of like, I need to clean. Haven't mopped the floors in ages and have promised my self I would. It just eats into my art time...which is annoying. Plus, I have to get my wood tools sharpened as they are so dull!!! I tried using a stone sharpener (came with the set) to no avail. So, I'm going to try the grinder at my in-laws...maybe after I pick up the kids?? We'll see. Jon's all, take the goggles!

Anywho, not too much happening. I've been in a yo-yo mood (as in fabric yo-yo's). And will have to share some pics of the things I made. I'm working on another for my mom-in-law. They come out really, really sweet in this one design I made. Plus, I bought small fabric squares and made some using bright cheerful material. I like them so much I made hair clips. I think I'll list those on etsy or else ebay. It seems like I have all these mini projects and just need to photograph them and list. Thinking about squares made me think about peanut butter bars (not that I need them)...but oh, do I want to make a batch now. argh!!!!!

I have several small abstract paintings I've done. Another, I have to photograph them...It's amazing how time really races away from you. At least I have my Halloween tree up and the decorations. The kids are being esp. good about costumes...a witch, a fortune teller and perhaps a pirate for Mr. H. Lord, give me strength is all I ask. This calls for a mega super cup of coffee. Oh, and did I mention I want to start doing Christmas decorations?? Am I insane?? lol Only a pinch. I hope you'll forgive me. Have a great day, darlings!


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