I'm finishing up some newer works of wood carvings. I have about 7 finishing up. It is MUCH slower then working on my miniature paintings (ACEO's). I love the contrast of working bigger and with more detail, but it's SO SLOW! Actually, it's mostly me that is slow because I can only work on these in the studios for obvious reasons (wood carving tools) and I just want to keep all my acrylics together instead of spread around all over. The gals are big enough to do artwork and clean up. But Harry is too small...even with a playpen (which he hates right now but will most likely have to use once it gets cold again).

I'm really excited about my new work and can hardly wait to list it on eBay (and get more wood to make more of my ideas come to life). I have a lot of ideas percolating in my head and on my sketch pad. Time seems to be my main challenge.

In other areas, I need to get a huge amount of things to the post office. I've been dreading this. Mostly, because bringing 3 kids to the post office is a lot of energy. One annoying aspect about having your spouse working an hour away, is you've got to cover all the bases. Even with grandparents nearby, it's always going to be the parent at home who has to do it all.

Anyway, I'll stop complaining. :) I do feel really good about today...have casserole in the oven and did about 4 hours (2 in the am, 2 in the pm) of art and did a walk. A pretty good day all in all.


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