Finally, working some new work. I'm finishing about 20 new miniature paintings (ACEO's) and started 4 new wood carving/paintings. I feel excited about it all. I need to take pics (once I remember/find where I put my camera).

Things are finally feeling a bit normal and calm. I hope we have lots of calm as well as good things happen. I'm also glad to see that the oil spill is getting solved. I admit this was one of the things I prayed would get fixed.

We watched a program on seals last night. It was very interesting how people were taking care of these animals and really have to trust that these critters will survive once they are released. It must be heart breaking at times. I started to think about doing some artwork with seals in it...they are so beautiful with their huge soulful eyes. So, this might be what I do some artwork of next.

I feel like I'm doing a lot of writing and not enough, I need to go find the camera. I can hardly believe it's August. Today seems like a stormy day, the kids will be restless and excited (they get to play with my dolls when it's rainy or go into the rainy day supplies for upstairs only). So, it will all be good. I treasure these days and am glad to have such mostly sweet company. :)


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