Working on some new projects...

I'm loving my new wood projects. I did some sketches last night as well as put them on the wood. Excited to do this, finally. Seems like I went a week without doing any artwork...which isn't really true, but I do want to build up to where I do 7 hours a day. Seems like, I'm mostly doing house chores. Part of life, I suppose.

I need to mail some auctions that people won from eBay. :) I'm glad to see some more artwork. I hope to have more listed this Wednesday. It seems to work for me...doing this on a Wednesday. I'll still list on Friday but it's hard to do when everyone wants to relax.

This Saturday, I'm planning an "Art Yard Sale", again. I hope it works well. I just want people to see my work. If I sell anything, that would be good too. :) People have Fall on their minds so, I'm going to try and show mostly a Fall theme as well as my Abstracts. We shall see how it goes. We're aiming to do this till about 11am. Nothing too long...

I feel sort of tired from our morning walk. It certainly calmed the dogs down! I'll do this more often, I think.

The physical therapy is going well. I can hardly believe that stretching makes such a difference but it does. Plus, all the other stuff at the P/T. Plus, I'm actually getting used to these shoe inserts (boy, where they painful the first few days). I actually enjoy them now.


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