Waking up

from a nap...finally, got a wonderful nap on a cozy afternoon and with no air conditioner too! It's the first nap I've had in several weeks and looks like I really needed it. What a refreshing feeling. Plus, the house feels perfect to me. the doors are open letting in fresh air and it's not too hot but just right weather wise.

I started to stress out about tomorrow, I confess. I'm having an Art Yard Sale and was starting to feel like, oh my gosh, what do I need to do? But I realized it's supposed to be fun and not too stressful...which is hard to do when you want to make a nice impression. However, I'll take a deep breath and just relax. My work is fine and it will be nice to show people what I've been doing. I'll take pics too.

I have to do a major post office mailing. Some orders for art; always a nice things to mail out.

Last night, I tried my new set up for sanding/working with wood. Basically, I'm wearing my face mask, a bandanna and have a vacuum hose aimed at the dust kicked up by the dremal. It seems to have worked. I didn't have a migraine but I did find a light dusting of wood chips on my face when I woke up this morning. Sort of funny, I suppose. Also, I really need to get a better attachment base for my dremel as I am limited by the size of adaptors. I lost the other one, apparently.

Anyway, it's fun work now that I'm protected and not sneezing my head off. I just wish I could shake this sleepy feeling. I need caffeine.


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