Thank you, God, for the rain

I'm so happy it finally did rain last night. I was starting to feel worried as it's been nearly 2 weeks or longer, since it rained. The grass was starting to get dry and everything felt sort of dirty and dusty. I'm really glad we got the storm coming in and thunder...even if it's makes me jump (and woke up the poor kiddos).

I feel really sluggish after yesterday's running around at this kid place we went to. It was great talking to my friends, but one little kiddos really keeps me on my toes. And I can't believe this, but he got a girlfriend when he was there! This 4.5 yr old fell in love with him and was following him well, as having him follow her! Good grief! She was pretty cute with her big brown eyes and she was wearing overalls like Mr. H's. So, I could see why there was a mutual effection. She even patted his head. So darling! Yes, I think Mr. H was fine with her attention's and if he could speak more, he would have said more than, "Dah!"

Oh, and Mr. H was totally amazed to find a real baby that looks like his doll he pushes in a little stroller. He stood dumbfounded, staring at this sweet little sleeping 3 month old. Just so excited to see the real thing. lol

The gals had so much fun running around, I couldn't find them several times. They made up some strange capture game...I recall doing this in preschool and were having a good time. Hopefully, when we go again, there won't be so many kids (nearly 200) and get/bring more snacks. They were famished and exhausted by the time we drove home.

Well, that was our day yesterday. Then, I did 15 minutes of other words, 15 minutes to clean the bathroom, 15 minutes to clean the dining/living room. Jon hit the kitchen. It worked well!

It's Thursday. Have Physical therapy later and hopefully, we'll get more rain.I love it when everything smells fresh and new.


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