Feeling great!

I'm surprised at how well things are moving along! Sold several more paintings and plan to sell on eBay as well. I'm just so tickled that things are selling and doing so well.

I'm working on 2 bigger pieces...and am thinking of having another Art Yard Sale next Saturday. Seems like we're on a roll! :)

It's actually getting easier doing these things. I guess if you keep doing something you get better at it.

I'm so glad I tired to do this as I was really afraid to show my work. It's like your having your heart on display.

Yesterday, I over did it with some yard work. I pulled some muscles and backed into some metal (stabbing my shoulder). Fortunately, it didn't break the skin...just really bruised me up. I was also wandering around without my glasses (hence, the extreme clumsiness). I've certainly learned my lesson!

I felt really tired this morning but got up and Jon helped a whole lot. So, all in all very glad with today. Even my sis-in-law and kids came by took a look at my work. :)


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