did more work

but I didn't wear my face mask. So, I've got a headache from dust blowing in my face. I'm so neglectful of my self. The problem was I wanted to work but forgot where the face mask was. I had placed it in the kitchen (to take back downstairs) and I think one of the kids moved it somewhere. Annoying.

Now, I have a headache and stuffy nose. I'll not do any more sanding till I find the mask. How annoying.

I took some pictures of the sunrise this morning. Very pretty. I'll have to download them soon. I feel sort of tired from all the stuff I did yesterday...mostly just carving wood, really. It exhausts me, however. Physically much more challenging then doing my watercolors. I didn't realize this till I was done. I love it but boy, it's actual physical labor to do this.

I've been looking at some artists work out there...contemporary artists. I want to try larger works for my watercolors and not just abstracts. I usually do large abstracts...but I think I'd like to do larger paintings with subject matter. Anyway, things that are on my mind.

I know this is strange. But I think our old stroller is missing. I can't find it anywhere. It makes me upset and annoyed. Unless, it's stuck somewhere in the yard...I don't know. It seems like we're always doing something odd at our house.

The kids are restless for school to start. They got these backpacks from some friends and they are constantly going over them and saying what they need to fill them. So sweet.

I'm going to pull out some art supplies and let them have some fun. Clay, play dough, paints, glitter...have a ball.

I really wish I didn't have a sinus headache. Oh, well...


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