Cuts and feeling upset

I cut my finger on a knife while doing dishes. The problem wasn't that the knife was in the was in the drainer. My hubby left it pointing up (I've told him to put them in point down, just because of the possiblity of getting cut) and guess who got nabbed. Me. For some reason, this made me feel really upset. Betrayed and upset, actually. I told him already and he apologized, but I still angry about it.

I feel tired. I actually slept for 12 hours last night. I'm surprised I slept so much and so long. I dropped off at 7:30 pm and got up at 7:30am. I did do more activities (exercised, cleaning, etc), so I guess that was why.

My Mr. H woke up early as well and actually fell asleep for a morning nap! We went for a walk and and by the time we came home, he was down. I still can't believe it. I usually take them for walks around 11 am so, this is probably why.

On our walk, there is a sweet black cat (still a bit kitten) that the girls are saying needs a home. I think it belongs to someone, so I'm not going to pester it (besides, I'd have to get it fixed/shots/make sure it's not someone's cat/etc). Anyway, it's in the same place and seems friendly (even with Penny barking like mad).

We don't have room for more cats at the moment, however. My oldest cat needs too much attention (she has a litter problem) and this makes life a bit chaotic. She's 21 yrs old and it might be time to say good bye. I feel awful about this, but it's very hard when she acts like this (senile). Still, she looks really good and eats well (obviously). So, I may just wait and endure.

The mailman must have just come by as the dogs are going crazy. We need to get more pet food (cat/dog and guinea pig), now that I think about it.

I finished more artwork and will have to take more pics of it. I really love how the sunflower came out and will put that up on eBay tonight (with 2 other pieces, I think). I love the way they look and they make me happy!

Well, I think I'll do some more stuff while the Mr. H is sleeping and the kids are playing. I'm so glad I mopped the floors; the house smells so good!


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