Art Yard Sale!

Happen right now on the 900 block of 25th Ave in Altoona! If you like to buy art or just like to look, come on by! :)

I wrote about this at my Art Cafe Blog:

This is the second Art Yard Sale I'm having and it's today (August 28th). It's from 8 to 11:30am on the 900 block of 25th Ave in Altoona. Most of the artwork will be going on eBay or if you are interested in purchasing a piece, email me.

About me:

I'm a multi-media artist and have shown my work at various venues such as local galleries, hospitals and cafes. I also have a blog, where I talk about different work I'm creating and various commissions. I have been creating work for over 15 yrs and love trying out different mediums.

I get a lot of inspiration from different abstract works as well as artists working in completely different mediums such as film and music. I try to use poetry as a basis for my creations...usually a few words will give me a sense for color and movement in my abstracts. I love the work of Marc Chagall and Hayao Miyazaki. I have a huge list of inspirations and probably could go on about different artists and writers that I feel strongly about.

Currently, I'm working on wood carvings. I find it relaxing to create on wood and I like how the texture comes through. Plus, each piece is truly unique and individual. One client was deeply impressed by my work and said "Thank you! I absolutely adore it! Of course I love all the artwork I've purchased from you but this is really unique."

As for my Art Yard Sale, I may do another one at the end of September (depending on the weather). We shall see. We'll be at the Art Yard Sale on the 900 block of 25th Ave from 8 to 11:30am. Hope to see you there!


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