1st day of School and Mama Stress

Apparently, my pre-school anxiety is still with me...even though, it's not me going to school (yet)! I was so anxious about everyone and having everything go well for the first day, that I didn't go to sleep till midnight. And of course, I was grumpy and bad tempered the next day. I really, really need to calm down a bit...but it's hard to do this when you want the kids to feel safe (and BE safe)as well as have new shoes to wear, be strong and feel confident. It's so difficult because you are worried (after hearing all the horror stories on the news or from your friends school years). You pray, you have them pray, you go over how to approach the teacher, how to be friendly and how to do the right thing. And then, the day happens and you're holding your breath that all goes well...that all the other parents have talked to their kids and do something similar as you do and get into that routine. It's hard to let go, but you have to. You pray the kids won't be bullied or be bullies and that everyone tries to be kind. And with a monster mama, this can be be the ultimate test for kids (to make it out the door before mama freaks out)! My kids seem to be all right and we talk about everything. Deep breath.

Yesterday, I had all of this going through my mind. Plus, when the bus was 15 minutes late, I was freaking and thankfully, Mr. H fell asleep (after being woken up at 7 in the morning). I was really glad I had charged my phone and had it with me (called Jon and he double checked what was happening). I'm one of those parents that imagine the worse...did you ever see that movie with John Candy? The one called "Only the Lonely". I'm the son who imagines the worse happening...that is me. Sigh... I'm working on it and trying to calm down...but it's hard to do. Walking helps and I've been doing this more often.

Anyway, about 7:30pm I tried to stay awake and ended up passing out while having a little alone time to read (a mystery novel from my mom, Agatha Christie). I woke up at 11:30pm and then, went right back to sleep. I was exhausted. Maybe it's the heat.

Today, would have been good however, someone forgot to give me a stack of papers to sign for school, another someone had an explosion in their diaper just before we left for school and the toilet clogged. Life can be so stinky sometimes...literally. Plus, I found out that Lydia told her entire class we have stink bugs in our house. Sigh...lol This isn't so bad, but still...every one's going to blame us for any epidemic in stink bugs. Great.

One of the interesting things is there is now a big yellow bus to take the kids to school. More and more kids, in our area, are going to Baker. I feel bad for Wright Elementary but the neighborhood is so rough. They did tear down the abandoned and creepy house and there is a pleasant open lot...hopefully, it will remain open and become a place to play for kids. So, it does look better.

I need to get off of here and start doing some productive things...kitchen clean up and so on. I did a lot this morning and feel slightly tired (gardening, market, child care). I don't want to clean and just want to nap. Okay, I gotta go!


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