Thank God for Naps. That's my new motto. Summer naps esp. are a needful thing. We all dozed or else lounged around reading, while some of us dozed. I like afternoons like this.

I'm also glad we got 1 chore done...returned some library books and went for a much needed walk. I'm debating another walk. I really need to get some new sneakers as sandles are killing my feet. Otherwise, I love walking! :)

I feel good as I started 2 more wood carvings and actually used my dremel on one of them. I have to find a smaller part for fine details...that's annoying that I lost that adaptor for the small curved drill part. Anyway, stuff to do.

I wanted to do paper mache but I was too tired. They did watercoloring and now I want to do that too.

I've been sneezing all day...hope it's not a cold. The kids are starting to sneeze too. Summer cold? Road dust? Allergies? I don't know...hopefully, just mild sneezing.

Next Sunday we hope to see some relatives who will be in PA. We'll have to miss church, unfortuantely. That's annoying. Otherwise, things should be relatively calm. Oh, and I have a doctor appointment coming up. Hope it goes well.

Now, what to make for dinner. Maybe some simple pasta and sauce.


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