I need to get some sunblock for my face/ears/etc parts. Make up would be fine, maybe even a light foundation with high SPF. I just feel like I'm becoming a red lobster with all this outside stuff we're doing. Last night, Jon was all you look like you've got some sun. NO! That is not what I want to hear. To me, Sun = Wrinkled, leather skin. And then, there is the potential for sun damage (skin cancer). Scary stuff and I do not want to encourage any of that.

So, I'm looking and hoping to find something that isn't just spray on and I can wear/last all day. Recommendations welcomed.


Anonymous said…
Definately....Glacier Creme! It’s physical sunscreen, with zinc oxide which is the most effective at blocking UVA as well as UVB rays. The sunscreen goes on nearly transparent, absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy. It’s great for sensitive skin–it has NO chemical filters, NO parabens, NO retinyl palmitate–just reliable protection and luxurious feeling on your skin. Check out the website!
Thank you! I will definitely check it out!

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