Stormy weather

A storm blew in, heavy with rain and splashed with lightening. That's how I felt, as well, as we got my mom ready for her trip back to California. I miss her already. I think I started to get angry and upset because she's leaving. As my sweet daughter said, "I hate seeing people I love, go away." Me too, honey, me too.

I was really glad that the group I was with at the train station seemed as somber and sad as we were. It made me feel like we weren't the only ones...I'm praying my mom makes it back in one piece and is safe and sound. I know God is watching over her and if you believe in praying, please do so for my mom. I'd be grateful if you did.

In the meantime, we are praying all goes well with some other things as well. It was an emotional day...I'm nearly done with the church newsletter too. I feel very lucky to have good things happening. I feel like we're in some funny story...I just hope I find the humor and the joy as we move along in our parts.

I just realized I forgot to make some phone calls...oh, well. I'll have to do that tomorrow.

Trains look really fun to ride...and maybe well try it out. I think it would exciting and I hope not too stressful. Have a great day!


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