The rain has come back, finally. I'll try not to complain when it gets stormy again, maybe just complain about my achy joints. Either way, it's real nice to feel cooler, though right now it's super humid right now. I think we you really wanted to remove any sort of stickers or tape from an object, just put it outside and it would fall off. lol! Would that work for wrinkled clothing? I wonder...

The 3rd child awoke from his nap, boy was he grumpy! I was a little surprised, a full blown throw-yourself-on-the-floor kind of grumpy/tantrum. He did this outside and scratched his forehead on the cement. Geesh! At the moment, he is Mr. Contentment...playing with pretzel sticks and an empty baby food jar. :)

We had a Mccie D's sort of lunch (just burgers and ice water=super cheap and yet filling). Then, off to Ollie's. I almost got a Rachel Ray's cookbook but had to put it back...I splurged on giant water guns for the kids. I felt like I should at least do that, even though I'm cautious about any sort of toy weapon type things (weapons are weapons and should not be toy-like...it's like candy cigarettes. I even find some soda's annoying if they look like beer cans, or vice versa). Anyway, these water guns are orange and toy-like enough. The kids had fun running in the rain/getting soaked.

I forgot to look for bubbles. I'm totally out and would like to do that with the kids. We love bubbles!

Otherwise, we had fun and came back just in time as it started to sprinkle. I walked the dogs and they got a nice stretch in before the down pour. I hope it rains more, however. Every one's yards are dry or wilted looking.

Well, Mr. Peaceable is not betting annoyed sitting in his highchair. Time to set him free. lol


vivian said…
HI Emily! just trying to catch up with everyone.. though it is about impossible I think. water guns, bubbles, chalk, hula hoops, and sprinklers.. what would summer be with out them?
have fun!!
So true,Vivian! Have a great summer!

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