Finally, got my camera batteries and downloaded a few pics. I need to make some copies for the VBS and get them to church. I'm also doing the newsletter for my church (!), I feel a lot of responsibility and a tad bit nervous. Mostly, it's getting familiarized with the software...I know I can do this and am very excited. :) Plus, a lot of people are sending me updates on the various sections for the newsletter. I just want everything to go smoothly. I'll have to wake up a bit earlier as the kids really want my attention(since it's summer). It's all good.

I also ordered a whole bunch of photos...about 300 plus. I got it down from 1200! So, hey, that's REALLY good for me! I need to take some pics of my art and start updating things. I haven't really had the energy to do too much, but slowly, I'm feeling much better. It's amazing how your body heals and suddenly, you feel like things are getting back to normal (at last).

I'm a bit down because in about a week, my mom is going back to CA. I do not like this, but I knew it was going to happen. Hopefully, having come here, it will make it easier for her to come back. I'm praying the train trip back will go by extra smoothly and everything will go really well. We even got her special attention to make sure she would be safe and well taken care of. So, I feel God is watching out for my mom and all of us.

In other news, I've been slacking in my walks...yes, I've been going on a trail, but I need to do the daily walks. I guess I got a bit tired (it was the heat but it's still an excuse). However, the weather did cool down but it made me just want to hang out at home. The dogs are complained a bit, so we did take them for a mini-walk. I need to pump myself up to do this...does walking in a store count? I hope so!! lol

I'm really, really jealous of a bunch of lucky people who bought hydreagea's from Sam's Club. Oh, they looked gorgeous! Purple and blues...actually, if they were roses and in the reds/pinks or had peach colored ones, I'd be totally green with envy! I'm still looking for this heirloom miniature rose (climbing) from my childhood days...I think it was French. That would be the ultimate find, for me.

People are already doing the fireworks's frustrating and makes the pets/kids a bit anxious. I found out that dogs/cats can wear a special type of snug coat and it calms them down. Oddly, I remember putting on a snug fitting dog sweater once, and it really calmed him too. So, I think this would work...esp. for thunder storms.

We didn't really plant anything this Spring...the kids did put a few seeds of carrots and lettuce in their raised beds and I had mint that re-seeds itself. Boy, did I get a lot of mint...I'm drying several bunches. Hopefully, this will work for winter use. I feel so Little House on the Praire.

Well, gotta let the dogs out for the night. Have a great weekend!


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