All right, I confess. I've become slightly obsessed with these vampire books (Twilight). I'm so ashamed. It's not great literature, it's not going to raise my intellect or do anything but keep me reading until they are finished. Yes, there is adventure. Yes, it's vaguely exciting and interesting. I have skimmed read them as the author likes to "refresh" her reader with last chapters events...which I find annoying. So, it's actually kind of fun to skim past all the internal conflict and constant doubt of the main character.

My feelings on the main character: I feel really sorry for Bella. She seems very insecure and is always trying fill her self up with men or cleaning. Very sad and boring person, actually. She comes across as a perfectionist, trying to do well in school but always looking for someone to rescue her. Her relationship with her dad is really depressing and he acts totally blind to her as a person, let alone his only child. The biggest thing he does is get her a broken down truck (and yet, he is the sheriff of the town and can't afford something nicer? Oh, come on!). Apparently, he has barely any sense about what is going on and is clueless to everything, even after she is nearly killed a dozen or so times.

Her vampire boyfriend, dumps her and even takes his photos of him. Gee, that's are real nice thing to do. Why would he do that? Unless, it was proof that he existed? Strange and odd.

Honestly, the book really should be 1 book instead of stretched out into 4 books. So much of it repeats and goes on, I feel like it's almost hypnotic. I had that same feeling at the end of the Harry Potter books when the main wizard guy would start preaching. Just annoying and sort of like, why bother?

Anyway, all I want to know is if Bella becomes a vampire (don't tell me, as I'm not done with the books). The history of the vampires is even boring (sorry, Becky!). Why does the author write in such a dry, matter of fact way? I really think it has to do with the 1st person voice (coming from Bella's perspective...which sounds more like a 30 yr old than 17 or 18).

My book scale, from 1 to 10 (10 being the best literature and 1 being don't bother), has it at a solid 4...sometimes 5.


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