Inspiration in art

I was watching an old PBS show called "Art 21". Basically, it talks about various artists and gives the artist's take on what their art means to them. It was amazing and insightful...made me a bit anxious as well, to start more work and finish a lot of other things as well. Inspired, most definitely.

But it also made me down as well...I looked up two interesting artists, Barry McGee and Margaret Kilgallen. I found out they got married and had a daughter. 3 weeks after Margaret had her daughter, she died from breast cancer. It was so shocking and I felt like it was so immediate, like finding a dear friend was lost from you when you just started to get to know them. I remember learning about these artists about 10 yrs ago...must have been in college and hearing about them. So sad to know what has happened since.

It does make me feel as though I need to keep tabs on our health as well as make the most of time and not waste our lives. Also, be grateful for what we do have. I guess this is brought on by my upcoming B-day. Every year and every day is a blessing, when you think about it.

I was drawn into knowing more about these two artists because their work does have that quality I love, folksy and intricate and thoughtful. Much like Lynda Barry's work.

Well, I feel like crying. I know it's strange but I feel so emotional about all of this. I'd better stop before I get all mushy


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