In the moment...

You know when I'm in the moment when I forget to take pictures. Today was one of those days...went out to the park and had such a good time, I completely forgot to take pics. Ah, well...I guess that's a really good thing, actually.

On a different note, I made some rice salad and it came out really good. However, I think it was a bit acidic (I used canned diced tomatoes, vinegar/oil, chopped onions and some olives). I call it Italian Rice Salad. It was really good and had a nice marinade quality to it.

I also made mini-corn breads. I recently got 4 muffin trays that make quarter sized muffins. So cute! My mom was jealous but she already has 1 (might need another one). Oddly, we were talking about this when we drove across the US and low and behold, there I get 4 from my sis-in-laws neighbor. So interesting how things work out.

The cornbread came out great and everyone LOVED it. Maybe I'll make some for the upcoming church picnic.

I've found out a secret for cooking (or I should say using the oven)in the summer. Keep a big ol' fan aimed at the room and it will cool it down tremendously. Yes, we do not have central air conditioning and the window don't open (are painted shut). But this really works well and keeps me sane. In fact, I had a rather enjoyable evening cooking with my hubby because of that fan. I hope he felt the same way (he's more into "his own space" when he cooks).

Well, I'm tired. I scrubbed off my muddy happy kids and failed at doing some crunches (boy, that was not a good hurt more then it should because of the surgery). It was a great day. Hopefully, tomorrow will be good as well. I just hope it will be calm, relaxing and possibly, hopeful.

Good night!


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