Happy sunny Sunday

Today was a great day with perfectly beautiful weather and happy sunny people. I just feel so blessed to know some kindred souls. Just a good feeling to know this.

We had our parish picnic, and even though we were late (I mis-read the directions), we had a wonderful time. I'll be adding pics soon. It was so nice to see our fellow church members outside the church setting. We could have brought our dogs, but they are bit hyper and Penny is a bit young and head strong. So, it was best to make this relaxing as possible.

Supposedly, there is a big storm rolling in (my wrists are aching, so I think it's true). This would explain where all the storm clouds we were supposed to get, have gone. Ah, well...

I'm listening to one of my favorite melodies, the soundtrack to Anne of Green Gables movie. I love L. M. Montgomery books when I was teenager and often imagined I was living in another time. I hope my gals will like them some day.

I was reading a lovely blog and she has the soundtrack on her selections...I think I'm going to have to try them out too.

Now, I think I'll download some pics. I really loved the pond with the water lilies~so romantic like out of some old fashioned storybook.


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