Going to sound like everyone else...

but it is too hot. The kids literally hung out by the air conditioner for most of the afternoon reading books and listening to pandora.com (Sponge bob station). It was a nice change for them...but going outside was a bit crazy.

I took the dogs for a quick walk around 11:30am and it was much to hot to do more than once around. I was worried they'd burn their paws! Also, I seem to have slightly sprained my ankle. I guess it's not spasms but pain I'm feeling.

I'm hoping that storm that's supposed to be coming in, will and bring some much needed rain/coolness. Apparently, there was a brush fire on the hillside off by Lowe's! That is just crazy but there are no sprinkling systems (like in California or other dry places).

I feel like I zoned in front of the TV...watched "Wipe out", some sort of dancing show and feel a bit burnt out from it all. Tried to watch "Glee" but the kids were too interested and it's more of grown-up theme then for little kids. My mom loves watching TV, and this makes it a bit tempting to watch late night junk.

On another note, things are finally moving along with the church newsletter! Woo hoo! I'm plugging stuff in and getting lots of support. Plus, it's a lot of fun to use. :) I hope I do a good job.

While waiting for the day to cool down, I did some blog reading. I found this great site called joy the baker. At first, I wasn't too excited about it but then I kept reading and was thinking, hey, that food recipe sounds really good and easy to make! So, I now love this site. We tried the caramel popcorn (Jon actually made it as I am a bit out of commission for my ankle). He got one burn (that butter is sneaky when boiled), poor guy, and the popcorn was delightful! Basically, sugar, butter and a pinch of salt. SO GOOD!! Tomorrow, I'm going to try and make the Coffee Smoothie!

I found it at another favorite site called whip up. I need to up-date my links and faves...so much good stuff out there. I really love finding good food websites and felt luck was on my side this time.

My ankle is really starting to ache whenever it is not propped up...so, I guess it is a sprain. Darn...must have been from trying to get the dogs the other day when they blotted out the back.

I did do some thing productive...cleaned out the guinea pig cage. We've been giving them watermelon rinds and pieces of watermelon. Whatever isn't eaten, becomes their bedding and it was quite gross. So, they are all fresh, clean and happy now. While down in the basement, I found a bubble blower...need to get some bubbles and batteries. The kids will have fun with that, I think.

I feel guilty for not cleaning up as much...the place is messy and it hurts too much to move around for too much. Just as well, all this warm weather makes everything feel blah.

I did think about doing some paper mache...but bringing up the supplies and all that seemed too draining...plus, I forgot where I put my glasses, again and everything seems fuzzy. I think it's best if I just say good-night to everyone. Good-night, Everyone!


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