feeling a bit better

Apparently, I caught a mild version of the flu my 2nd child had. She had the same headache for 3 days and then the regular flu stuff. I had less flu stuff but a lot of the headache. Geesh, it was awful. Thankfully, I'm feeling about 90% better (I was at about 60% this morning). So, all in all things are progressing.

Let me just say this now, when you aren't feeling good you should not read literature with a morbid theme or that is depressing. I finished the Chamber by John Grisham and had to skip a lot of the details as it made me sick. I am on the fence about the death penality because of this book. I usually am very pro-death penality for those who are 100% sure of doing the crime. It's a good argument by Grisham...the idea of letting people live with the guilt of their crime. I tend to rule on the side of the victims.

I think the main point of the book is that if there is any reasonable doubt of a crime, there shouldn't be a verdict of death. I did feel sorry for the main characters and there was reasonable doubt...but the character did do some horrible crimes (he wasn't caught). Good read and I recommend (just not when you're feeling blah).

I'm reading a detective novel...Angel's Cove, I believe is the title. It's written in a funny way in the sense there are quick comebacks by several characters...sort of annoying and odd but interesting.

I'm thinking of reading a classic, Far from the Maddening Crowd. We shall see how that goes. I just saw Pride and Prejudice (BBC production). I really want to read this as I usually would give up (I think I was just impatient). Anyway, I'm in the mood for something a little less moody and dark. lol


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