Feeling great about to see my cousins (Jon's side) and have a good time with the kids. I just wish I hadn't exhausted myself cleaning. Yes, we needed the house to be cleaned up, yes, I've been down/sick and it was getting a bit much and yes, we are usually a tad messy. I was so tired by 11pm, I think I was sort of walking around but only half awake. The heat didn't help and I wish I could have taken more than 3 showers yesterday.

Before anyone arrived, I was cleaning up after the kiddos and when the youngest finally took a nap, that's when I could really get things moving. I was dripping with a crazy workout, I tell you!Nothing like company to get you to do what you've been putting off (even half arsed, like my attempts were). lol I figured, life is too short to worry about everything being perfect and I've got 3 kids who are with me all day, so I'm not going to worry about things being "perfect". Now, I have to clean up the books/toys piled

Pics soon of fun family, today we went to the park. It was a gorgeous day although, hot as heck at 1pm. I felt bad about that and I forgot the sunblock. argh!

The dogs were thrilled to get quality time yesterday. They yapped a bit but on the whole they were walked around by two sweet fairy gals and at one point, my cousin's daughter said, "This is a fairy dog. It's just her wings fell off". So cute!! :)

Today is my second child's birthday! She's 7 and is demanding cake/presents. We're celebrating on Saturday. Just too much going on and I wanted to make sure that Jon would be there. She'll get extra presents too. It falls on my B-day, oddly enough. So, it's a double party. :)

I feel grateful for loved ones, for warm days (even if it's too hot at times), for sweet furry critters, for people who like my art, for having time to spend with my mom and family and for my church. It's a good feeling to know you've got lots of people out there praying for you and I do believe prayer and positive thought make life better. Have a great day and get some fresh air!


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