Falafel dinner

I made some Falafel's for dinner. Basically, I bought a box of the mix and made my own version of this delightful snack. I added French bread, sour cream (thinned with a little water, crushed mint and salt), sliced onion, tomato, and a bit of hummus and lettuce. Really good and quite good for you (meatless and very similar to what Jesus might have eaten during biblical times). It's super easy to make the mix (just add 1/2 cup water) and fry slowly in olive oil. Jon and I were delighted. The kids had pizza. Oh, well...at least H had a small bowl of falafel with diced tomatoes and sour cream. Most markets sell this stuff, so don't worry about buying it on-line.

I have a dog who is trying to sneak up behind me and curl in the little space between my chair back and my seat. I think she likes the warmth...not that it's cold (finally have a break from the heat spell). Penny is such a funny dog. I really think she thinks she is a cat. I brought up a load of laundry and left it in the kitchen (our laundry is in the basement). When I came back up, she was sitting on the pile of clothes, just like my cats! So odd and funny! Silly, Penny. And yet, she is extremely protective of us from other dogs and people. I think this made Mr. Nelson a tad bit depressed (as he was always our (and really still is) our #1...don't tell Penny this. Actually, she wouldn't believe you anyway.).

The only limit to Penny's affection is her fear of the basement steps. She will not go down them. I have to carry her down there (it's also where I give the dogs a bath) or she will sit at the landing and stare at me in this pathetic way. Poor Penny.

I don't know if it's a trait of Puggles to be so affectionate or just that Penny has been through a lot of emotional stuff. She is like a shadow at times. Thankfully, she plays well with our Mr. Nelson. I do think she does feel she is part cat as she is very polite (90% of the time) with our cats. Dogs, she is a little less so. I do like having several dogs...I wasn't sure at first, but it's amazing how they grow on you. Now, I know why some people have 3 dogs! lol Though, I would like to have a mix of some of Nelson's qualities and some of Penny's. Would that make a Benji dog? I wonder...

I finally found the oil cloth to make Penny a raincoat. Of course, I found it while I was cleaning. There is much to be said for cleaning up.

Today I did a number of chores that were all belated (because I was feeling really badly). I finally cleaned up the rugs in the basement as someone was soiling them whenever it was raining (shame on you, Mr. N...and if I'm being fair, shame on me too). I did some other stuff, but I forgot what it was as I'm tired now.

I was rather surprised and sad to find all the marigolds I had planted by seed, were gone. I think my middle child may have something to do with this, but why?? I'm so upset (I very nearly cried). It was so sad and shocking as I wanted to see those guys bloom and instead there is a dirt patch where those plants had been. I feel like buying a tray of marigolds and snub whoever (or whatever) had destroyed those seedlings.

This week seems to be filled with good things. I will be glad if the weather stays as lovely as it was today. I'm starting to have a lot more energy and it's making me think of gardening. Yes, I'm a late bloomer this year. Well, better late then never.


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