Chores and then some...

Getting things done and feeling zapped out of creativity is not fun but very, very practical. First and foremost, the kids need their quality time (esp. the wee one). Then, it's regular food chores/clean up/more clean up and finally still more clean up. It's been so oppressing lately because the warmth keeps all inside and if I want to walk from point A to point B, I have to clear a path or risk twisting an ankle. Not good. This, and I can't seem to find various things I need (such as a bulletin from church, recently did find the remote (but it's lost again), various household items, etc, etc). It's frustrating and the more I tidy, the more other areas seem to just fall down in a heap. I need to teach my eldest kiddos how to clean things, like the sink in the bathroom and wipe off counters. It's time.

The biggest annoying thing is books. We are a book family and have books everywhere. I really should have about 4 full length book shelves; however, that will have to wait. The kids love to read and will pull out a bunch of them and leave them in piles around the house. I've told them countless times, but it just keeps happening. I wish we had a library.

One good thing is I did a lot of sprucing today and hopefully, the gang will help keep it in control (probably not, but I can wish). And now that my mom isn't here, they are even more relaxed and going stir crazy. Ah, well...

I do need to go to the library again. I have a feeling I have some late books, again. Argh!

With all this activity, I'm getting a bit tired out more than I would like. Plus, I felt like I pulled a muscle the other day. It feels A LOT better today. I just want to start doing art again. I'm feeling very Virginia Woolf like lately. lol

I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much.
Mother Teresa


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