Birthday Day!

We celebrated my 2nd child's birthday today as well as mine (as it's officially my day, July 31st). We had way too much cake/cupcakes, but it was worth it.

I was surprised by all the goodies I got, including Howl's Moving castle and the complete series of Mary Poppins. :) I feel happy even though I seem to be a cushion for a certain 19 month old. Gees! I'm surprised I don't have a bunch of bruises.

Anyway, it was a good started out rough and upsetting as our cockatiel had some serious problems with his beak. I had to trim it myself (he has an appointment with the vet on Thursday). I got it trimmed so he can eat/drink water and not stab himself in the chest (which was what he was doing...horrible!). This has never happened before with all the other cockatiels I've had in 20 yrs. So, I was very nervous and scared...but had to do it. I wrapped him in a towel and madly trimmed at his beak. I feel brave for doing it, but upset too. I looked up trimming beaks on-line/called 3 places and they either said go to a vet or they didn't do trimmings anymore. So, it came down to me doing this. I'm glad he's all right for now and thankfully, the vet will give him a better trim. I know now, that I will never put off trimming his beak again!

I was very emotional and feel sick about it all...I just wish I was braver when it comes to doing stuff like that (I can hardly trim the dogs nails...I can trim the cat's but that's it). I guess I just didn't want to hurt the critters and now, all the above happened. Deep breath

Otherwise, the day was much better then it began and once I told everyone why I was upset, I felt better too. It was just a bit emotional and ended happily, thank God.

Now, if tomorrow is just calm and relaxing, I'll be happy. Maybe a trip to the hardware store (to get more wood and supplies and then a walk/picnic after church. Sounds good to me. :)

By next Thursday, Odie should have his beak back to normal (they only trim on Thursdays because only 1 vet does this!)...I guess I should be grateful but at the same time, I think it's a syndrome of a small town. Sort of like, when big cities have the best doctors. Sigh.

Well, I'm going to focus on the positive now and be grateful. Good night and have a good rest of the weekend.


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