2101 posts

Geesh...that's a lot of posts! This is my 2101st post. Hmmm, should I have a give-away? Everyone is doing it. I suppose I should too...I'll hunt around and make a little gift baggie and see what falls into it.

On another note, it is VERY hot. But it actually, and I know this is strange, feels cooler today than yesterday. This is after I ran after two delirious dogs dancing in various neighbors yards. Crazy dogs.

I also took a nap. I haven't done that in some time and it felt great...except, I keep getting foot spasmims. They are painful. I have a feeling it's because I have been wearing sandles and not sneakers. Oh, dear.

My mom is leaving on Monday. I'm down about this...but I know it had to happen. Just wish she could stay an extra 2 weeks, I suppose. Oh, well.

My sis and I had an arguement. But we made up; I hope. :) Sometimes that happens...it's part of being sisters/friends, I suppose.

I really want to mop the floor but I'm feeling lazy plus, I have to sweep first and then, move the dogs out of the way. I did pick up a mass of toys, so that's something.

I think I'm getting a coffee ulcer or something; I need to ease up on that...and drink more water. I've got chores to day but feel sort of annoyed.

Plus, the church newsletter is constantly stumbling along...now, we can't get the info over, somehow the emails aren't coming through. So, I'm vexed.

I feel like having a big hamburger with huge fries. Not going to happen...we're getting a take and bake from Sam's. I'll make a salad. We have bleu cheese too! woo hoo!

I know this sounds silly, but I feel like having a tantrum. Maybe I really just want to swim in a pool or splash in the sprinklers instead of making dinner. I am lazy. Sorry!


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