I realize now I wrote some snarky posts in the past few weeks. Please forgive me as I am still recovering and the silliest and smallest things seem large and impossible to me. It's just me being cranky. I even got in an argument with my mom and recently, with my sis. My mom knows I was not being my self, and was just feeling upset. Sorry, mom! And I hope, my sis, knows this too. When a person is recovering from surgery, trying to take care of 3 kids, her pets, her home and lastly her self, guess what? You become cranky and irrational when there is no need to be. So, be patient with me for being a cranky, petty person.

Well, I feel better for getting that off my heart. I felt annoyed by being so annoyed. Today, I feel tired and sleepy. I should have taken a nap but sat around trying to finish up a gift for my niece's upcoming birthday. I hope I finish it in time (and it comes out well). Half of it is done, just need to get the other half completed.

Also, our deacon at church is having a hard time with his mom having had a stroke. We're praying for him. And this Sunday, is the actual day for our new reactor...hope all goes well as not have Deacon Jack there, things might be a bit stretched.

I really feel tired for some reason. It's not too warm but for some reason, I feel sleepy and tired. I know my youngest has a bit of a fever, so I hope it's not a summer cold. I didn't even do very much; just went for a walk with the gang and was hit by lethargy of some sort. Well, whatever it is, I want to be back to my upbeat productive self.

It's funny. I'm trying to hunt down this recipe for a beautiful tart my uncle got when we visited their house. It was gorgeous and apparently is from a rather famous bakery in LA called "Whole Foods for Life", previously Los Feliz Bakery. It is run by Armenian family (I assume) and they are quite good at the baked goods. I need to find a phone number and see if I can get the recipe. I'll describe it now...

Basically, the tart "shell" is a waffle-type that has been dipped in honey and coated with chocolate. The center was filled with a pudding mixture topped with chocolate and various seasonal fruits; strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, etc. The size was a large salad bowl and pieces were broken off and spooned onto your plate. Delicious!! I may just try to make it by freehand and see what happens. It was so refreshing and good.

Here's a pic of us all enjoying our selves:


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