Well, we got Penny Olive her operation (spayed). It was a bit more than we thought, but it's been accomplished. My mom and dad-in-law and 2 eldest kids took her all the way to Clearfield. Penny Olive is doing well and is on the way home. :)

I'm working on a dress for her...and am trying to find my oil cloth to make her a little raincoat. I feel badly the dogs get so wet. Fortunately, it's a warm rain and not freezing (as in the winter, ugh).

Around our area, it is very difficult to get low cost neutering. This is ridiculous. The Humane Society, apparently, doesn't have a vet and this makes it hard to offer low cost neutering. Centre County offers it to only those who work/live in Centre County but doesn't do spaying for female dogs. So, we ended up going with Clearfield...I'm very glad to get this taken care of and not have to worry about pups (though, it was tempting. Still, it can be messy and having dealt with Mr. Nelson, it's not really something I want to do...breeding dogs).

I'm so thankful for having my mom and dad-in-law help out. They are so sweet to drive (1 hour away) and help with this. With my surgery, it was impossible for me to drive up there (I'm not allowed to drive for 4 more weeks...I can't stand it).

My gals were so worried about Penny Olive and are so glad the operation is over. They really love her. :) A special thank you to Malinda for sharing that love! :) She's how we got Penny.

It's funny. I was thinking of changing my music's all about Glee right now. But I have to admit, it really cheers me up...I should have played it yesterday...boy, was it pouring down rain! Crazy!

But today, it's GORGEOUS! I hope it lasts for a bit. I'm thinking of baking some banana bread since we finally got more eggs. Hope you have a great Thursday.

I need to do some artwork...but it's going to be hard with all this sunshine. The kiddos should be back soon and I'll think of something for lunch. I think we need to get some ground turkey and make some burgers.

Oh, and I can hardly wait for church this Sunday! We have our new rector. I'm anxious and hope all goes well. What a blessing. :) Plus, there is a last fix up before VBS. :) I'm going to go and help out a bit.

I tried sweeping the floors yesterday and I was so tired. I couldn't believe how exhausted I was...I guess I'm just really out of shape/recovering. What's that expression, inch by inch, it's a cinch. I need to put that on a tee-shirt. lol


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