Sweet people

I have gotten a few lovely get well cards and I have to say, thank you! They really brighten up my day and make me feel cared for. I need to do that more often, say thank you and send get well cards.

I'm stuck at home. I should be at church but I over worked myself yesterday and am paying for it. How easy it is to forget to take it easy when you feel good and the sun is shining. Then, reality (or a few hours later) hits you. I feel annoyed by my self. So, here I am like a big bump on a log. I think I have a sun problem...just really energizes me and I hardly stop moving.

I feel a bit down as I am missing the new rector, a Father's Day/welcoming brunch and am feeling lousy. I guess I will go lay down in a bit. My mom said if I don't she's making me go to the hospital tomorrow and I don't want to do that!


I hope I can at least go to the Birthday/Father's Day lunch at the in-laws. How annoying to feel icky!!


I found this beautiful quote:

A Truly Rich Man is One Whose Children Run Into His Arms When His Hands are Empty


I want to share that with my dad. I'm going to send him a letter (we have a package with kid art in it as well) and have that quote too. I really wish I had my photos developed and could send that too.


Jon spent all afternoon painting the 3rd floor windows. This is a miracle because I have been terrified for the lead paint. We found this paint stripper stuff and it bubbles it all up, thus no lead chips! He did a great job and is making plans for the 2nd floor. We may have to higher someone to do the windows on side...impossibly high and Jon hates heights.

I hope the back porch steps that were painted hold up with the rain we got/are getting. We went 2 days w/out rain and it started again last night. It was magical, though, to see the fireflies EVERYWHERE! All over the trees, yard...so beautiful. My mom is like, it's just like Disneyland. I said, "only real!" I wish my brothers would visit us during the summer and have an evening like it was last night. You could feel fairy magic all over...so lovely!


From reading what I wrote about the painting (and knowing how I cleaned, yesterday), I see why I feel like I got punched in the stomach. Today I promise to take it easy...so hard to do when you want to do stuff (esp. when there is good weather).


I guess I'll go rest now...at least I have the 1st season of Glee to watch. I'm such a baby.


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