Saturday, June 19, 2010

super warm day

It's only supposed to be in the high 70's but for some reason, it feels REALLY hot. Yesterday, it was 80's and it felt great. I don't know what all this is about but I suspect it has to do with humidity.

I started to feel really dizzy after cleaning the gals room. It was well pass lunch time and the heat/hunger got to me. So, I took a break. I nearly fell down the stairs...just felt really tired/weak. But I'm fine.

I'm so pleased with our back steps. I need to find some sort of flowers/plants to put on it and decorate it a bit. Now, I want to weed out the side yard, add mulch and put in some ferns. I've always wanted pretty and magical.

It feels like a lazy summer day...yard sales everywhere, people turning red (put that sunblock on!), kids running around half crazed or half bored and everyone thinking of watermelon and iced tea. I think I'll make a batch my self and treat everyone to some. I've also got an idea about making some popsicles. Remember doing that as a kid? I loved that. I just wish our set wasn't missing have the popsicle stick parts. I'll have to get a new one or try straws, I supposed. lol

Jon is working on stripping the paint from the 3rd floor windows. He said it's a mess...I am really nervous about that. I keep forgetting he's not used to paint stuff (I've removed paint from doors, houses, etc when I worked w/my handy man dad), so I'm used to that stuff. I guess I'll see what happens. sigh....

Well, VBS has ended. The kids are ready to start it for next year; they liked it that much!
Hopefully, next year, I can help out more. This year, I seem to be muddling around with small bursts of energy and lots of down time. lol

Have a good Saturday!

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