Spelling Bee

My kiddos are watching the big spelling bee that is on right now. I hope it inspires them to want to go for this...I'm willing to help them. It looks like a hard competition. I've never been good at spelling and still have issues with grammar. Hopefully, it's not too bad. :)

I had to take a pain pill and as it turns out, it will knock you out if you have it at dinner time. I missed the family walk (they drove over to the campus and walked to see the ducks, anyway). Oh, well. I did one turn around the block and came back (rain, plus, I felt sort of naked without the kids/dogs).

Anywho, I still can't believe I fell asleep like that. It was very pleasant but sort of annoying as I don't like sleeping after eating.

Well, it looks like a rainy weekend...so much for fix-it plans. Maybe between the rain showers??


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