sleepy, lazy day...

and yet, I never got to nap. Hmmmm, my mom and youngest, did, however. I really, really want a porch swing or one of those freestanding hammocks. Sounds so good right now. I could plop it on the porch and just relax. Sounds so good.

It POURED down rain earlier...and now, it's nearly all dried up and all the world is fresh and clean and steamy. Feels good and cozy, like a hot house for plants.

The gals are busy making sock monkeys...I'm sort of the sock monkey aid/teacher/helper/fix it person. It keeps them busy but I'm tired of sewing now.

I have to work on a present for my niece. Becky, don't say anything.

I have to load pics but my computer is acting all slow...i tried 4 times! VERY frustrating. I think I have to remove some pics onto flickr and clean up space on here.

I feel jittery because it's pass dinner time and we didn't make anything. I should have made rice for a rice salad, but I'm tired. I've been making dinner nearly every day. So much for recovering. At least my mom is here to help with the kiddos.

Tomorrow is the library summer book reading program. I hope to get out there and do at least this. We were supposed to do the Basketball camp but I was not upto driving and just felt bad. Today is much better, but I'm trying to really take it easy (which is hard to do, let me just say, with 3 kids and 2 dogs and warm/rainy weather).

I wish Jon had painted the porch first so we can use it, finally. The front porch has lead on it, and I'm very careful about going out there, etc. I just want it finished. We could use the space and if it rains, it's outside and covered.

Okay, I'm just going on about nothing right now...I'm tired and hungry. I guess I'll go make some rice. :)

Wish me luck on my photos and clearing up computer space. Why does it always seem like I'm always doing something and nothing? I guess that's summer daze for you.


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