Post partum Surgery

I don't feel too depressed...just sort of blah and out of sorts. It's the recovery part, I suppose. Feeling tired. But all in all, I do feel much better and actually more my self. I think all this rain is making me feel a little house bound, however. I didn't think we'd have this much rain...feels like El Nino or something. Not typical.

We had an oppressive heat in the morning, yesterday. Then, a refreshing storm came in and washed away a lot of the dust/heat. I mustered my strength and got everyone to go for a walk...which, we all needed. Penny's tail seemed to have gotten chubbier in the 2 days I was away (I think she likes our dry dog food) and my mom was like, I don't wanna go. I said we'd wait for 10 minutes for her to get ready (she's got this old fashioned mentality of having house clothes and outside clothing...constantly changing her clothes. It's frustrating and annoying. I wish she'd wear an apron (I usually do).

Anyway, I got everyone to go and it was very nice. I thought I almost over did it but actually felt much better to get out and about. Usually, I'm the one in the front, I was at the end of our train this time. Oh, well.

I shouldn't expect too much having been home only 2 days...but I guess, you sort of forget that once you're home. I need to relax. This is hard to do when your room looks dusty (I scared everyone by vacuuming and Jon ran up and finished for me. I was just using the hose to get some dust from under the bed).

I think the worse part was the drive home...every bump was horrible. Then, the getting used to food again/getting your body back to normal after surgery. Let's just say, Metamucil is a good thing. :)

I've been trying to get in more walking as it helps a lot of things and is just good, over all. I'm glad I have to doggies to make this possible. I really need to upload their pics and start working on some outfits for Penny. I have an idea for a cute dress for her...hopefully, it will come out well.


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