Maybe it is the coffee

but I feel really good right now! I found some things I was researching for, for some time...I hope it helps me get through this creative slump I'm in. Yesterday, I even started to think I need to just give up everything, art wise, and be something practical. Today, I feel like I can be practical as well as be an need to dump my dreams into the gutter. :)

It's sort of like exercising. You get to a point where you reach a comfortable level and want to stay there. I'm more at the beginning of this, actually, but there nonetheless. I have to push my self to try harder, to have a time each day to create. That is what I'm missing...a schedule. It's not much, but I need 2 hours of uninterrupted/focused time. And no, I'm not allowed to clean up or organize; that is NOT creating. It's a tempting feeling to want to do that, just like sitting and watching TV or eating too many jelly beans. I'm going to try and get up earlier and do this, for my sanity and see if it helps with my current blah-ness. lol

Have a GREAT Friday!


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