Inch by inch

it's a cinch. This is a great saying, esp. for mom's and dad's that are stuck at home with kiddos. I'm finishing up projects, bit by bit, and am quite pleased by the progress. Yesterday was another story. I felt really blah and sluggish. My mom doesn't drive, so we have to stay home or putter around the house/neighborhood. I think this weekend I am going to insist on going on a little hike, even if it's rainy. I need to get out to nature!

I drove the car to the doctor's (kid check up; went great). It was like old times and I felt like I was moving really fast. Nice to be behind the wheel again. I think I officially have 1 more week to go and then, can drive again. That's something to celebrate! :)

Tomorrow is my niece's 14th b-day! I can hardly believe it!! I'm so excited for her and happy that she's going to have a great day. Her birthday theme is Japan and everything is going to be Japanese related. Boy, do I wish I could go!! :) I made her some pretty things with that in mind (it's going to be late, Becky...let Katie know). Plus, I forgot to take a picture of them before packing it! Darn!

The dogs are extremely restless from being cooped in the house all day and no walkies, except for the evenings. We're going to have to do morning walks again. I prefer this, actually. In a small town in Italy, they have a law that dogs must be walked 3 times a day! I guess neighbors report them? I'd also think, most people would be fit, too! lol

I'm really, really annoyed that my camera isn't downloading (I suspect low batteries). It makes me anxious and frustrated. Plus, I have about 900 pics I want to develop. It's going to be something like $72...I hope.

I'm going to start looking for a part-time job and the first thing I'm going to do, get every picture off the computer and printed...well, most of them, at least. lol

I can hardly believe how good I'm feeling. I did some light chores, and I'm hoping I feel all right later tonight. That's the way it goes, it seems. You feel good for a few hours, and then, bam! You feel lousy. Sigh

I'm also thinking about candy for some reason. It's 3 pm, that time of the day you want a snack, coffee or a nap. I hope it rains again and gets rid this humidity for once.


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