Home again

How annoying. I was ready for church and all but was feeling very apprehensive about getting into the car. I did make it for about 3 blocks but started feeling painful, so Jon took me home. I was annoyed because I want to go out and start doing things. Plus, although it is nice going for walks in your neighborhood, it's not the same if you get to go on trails and hiking a bit. ANNOYING!

Once I was dropped off, I took the dogs out walking and they had a great time. They burned off energy esp. since it's been raining like crazy since yesterday. I'm glad we got out...though, I'd rather be in church and seeing everyone.

My goal is to take short drives up to 4 blocks next week, and see how I can manage it. I shudder at the thought. But there isn't really anything (shop wise) to walk to. I think they even closed down the mom and pop shop that's about 4 blocks away. Great.

I just heard weird noises coming from my neighbors house (we have one of those really close houses that are 5 feet away on one side). The sounds were like crying and not pleasant...I thought I heard someone say their dog died? It was sad.

I'm a bit frustrated with my other neighbor. They keep parking on our grass and making it look awful. For years, they have been good about not parking on our grass, but when Jon put up a stack (several feet in) they took advantage of it and act like they have a 2 car parking drive way. It's very frustrating and rude of them, honestly. They know better, but still do it.

We also have a problem of neighbor children walking into my yard to catch bugs and things. I was really upset about that because, A. there are lots of chipmunk holes and kids can totally get hurt (I've sprained my ankle a few times) & B. I have my garden there and they are being rude to tramp on my plants. Sometimes, I can see why people become known at the meanies of the block. I hate to become that, but gees, show a little courtesy and not park on people's property/walk all over their plants! I would never do this...maybe, only in an emergency, I guess.

Anyway, this has been on my mind a lot and just irritates me that some people are so rude and inconsiderate. It was bad too when the neighbors would choose to go out and smoke just when my kiddos were outside. Really shameful, when you think about it. We did talk to them about that, finally, and they were kind enough to listen. So, I feel better and not so upset.

I know there is no perfect neighbor and it's better to be thankful and work with what you've got. I hope I can be a better neighbor as well. The only thing I can think of is we are a bit messy and have barky dogs. Otherwise, we are pretty good...I hope! :)

One of the other annoying things about recovering (and so slowly) is I'm not allowed to do chores. My mom is trying to pick up the slack but basically, it's not as nice as I do things. And Jon is trying too but just sort of doing the minimum. The house is messier and I usually sweep every day (the dogs/kids track in a bunch of mess). So, that is frustrating. I have been doing laundry but there are 2 baskets that I have to have someone drag up for me. I didn't realize how crazy I am about chores, until now. I thought I was pretty easy going.

On a whole different subject, I've been working on designing a dress for Penny Olive. I have the first part done, but need to get to the next part. My energy level always slows down a bit and simple tasks seem like mountains. I guess this is normal. I'd prefer to stand and work...which is different. Hopefully, this goes away soon.

I've been looking at various artists and there is this one, Nancy Thomas, who I really admire. She does paintings and woodcuts!! Just like I do! Or rather, as I would do more of, once I get a face mask. I was really pleased to see another artist who does more than one thing and in fact, does several. She also does primitive work...which I love. I would love to get a print of her work, even a calendar. She is just so inspiring and cheerful. I found her in my old copy of Home Companion. I miss that magazine. Wish it was still around, sigh.

Well, I have to get moving. I hate sitting for too long, even with two dogs curled around my ankles. :)


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