2nd post of the day

I feel better now that I've gotten a few pics up. I took a nap and feel grumpy for some reason...I think it's the warmth. I wanted to go to the meeting (I think it's tonight) for the rest of the decorating for VBC. Oh, well. I know that would be pushing it. I really, really dread getting into a car, right now. Driving was the worse part, actually.

So, I will most likely go for a little walk and rest some more. I started getting frustrated. Good thing I could play the piano and do something creative. Plus, my slippers are still in the dirty wash and I miss them. I'm a big baby right now.

I want to record some of my piano pieces. Jon seems to like them. I guess I could make some short videos or something. I promised myself I would finish a project, and now that I have remembered this, I will have to try. It's slightly frustrating because it's a bit bigger when you are limited by energy. Sigh...

I feel bad I yelled at my hubby and mom. I got frustrated with the kids and the mess they made. Plus, my system isn't up to the norm and it makes everything slow. Annoying, to say the least.

I wish we had a hammock but it would probably be soaked w/all this rain. It rained while I took a nap too. I feel like we live in the tropics. lol


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