Rice Krispies sort of day...

It's cold and chilly...thank goodness, we sat outside when the sun was out earlier or we would have been stuck in the house all day. I got a small chill from damp hair and the rain pouring in. I curled up for a "power" nap and Miss Penny came in and curled up on my knees. What a great heating pad! I love this dog!

I trimmed Mr. Nelson's hair...really, really short. It was part being matted and part, I let the electric shaver get too close. Oh, well. It's just right for summer. Plus, he was panting so much yesterday when we were in the warm car yesterday. I had to turn up the air conditioner.

I'm trying to get some pics of Miss Penny. She is shy and Jon was trying pick her up, but she started getting scared and hiding. Poor baby. I'll try again, this evening. I can hardly wait to make her some outfits! We are thinking of all sorts of things for her. I might have to pick up a new raincoat to match Mr. Nelson's, what with all this rain!

In the meantime, I've been working on the VBS posters and getting a late gift for my sis/bro-in-law finished up. I can make this rain work and do some art stuff, without worrying about working in the yard for once.

Tomorrow is the last episode of "Lost". My mom's fave show and I can tolerate it. I find it a bit interesting and it's fun to watch people who are into it and their excitement.

The one annoying thing, artwise, is I'm out of paper clay. I used the last bit of it for some sculptures and now I need to get a new supply. It would be a nice day to do that too.

Jon made the best lunch...scrambled eggs and fried potatoes. Very filling and comforting. I'm thinking of rice krispies for the kids and us. I hope I have enough rice cereal. We could make chocolate chip cookies but it's a lot of work. I feel sort of tired (trimming Nelson, gave Jon a hair cut, scrubbed all the kids, housework and laundry/vaccuming up dog hair). Yep, I'm waiting on my coffee to recharge me (plus, a spoonful of peanut butter).

I have to photography Miss Penny and some artwork. I love the sign I made and want one for me now! :) Hope you all have a good weekend! Love and good thoughts!


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